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What are the 4 characteristics of a plant?

The four main characteristics of plants are photosynthesis, cuticle, cell Walls and reproduction .

The Major Groups

The major divisions of the plant kingdom are the mosses, ferns, conifers (gymnosperms) and flowering plants (angiosperms) .

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Which flower is best for home garden?

The Best Easy-to-Grow Flowers for a Gorgeous Garden

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Best plants to grow indoors

Indoor Flowers for Beginners: 12 Easy-Care Beauties

What is the best flower to have in a garden?

Sunflowers are a perfect flower for the vegetable garden. They make great trellises for climbing plants, and they have lots of nectar to attract pollinators.

1) Rose We had to begin this list with the rose. No other flower is as famous or popular. The rose outshines everything else.

Most Popular Houseplants

Britain's top 30 favourite flowers

What is the most popular plant bought in the UK?

Rose . The rose is considered to be not only the most popular flower in Britain, but throughout the world.

Stinging nettles have become the most common plants in the British countryside, while more delicate flowers like harebells and orchids are struggling to survive, according to a survey. Nettles are the most common plant in the countryside, according to a survey.

Answer. Answer: Grass,Bench,Road,Fountain,Trees,Bushes,Birds,Shops,Swing,See-Saw,Slides,People,Stone,Rocks,Flowers .

Herbs: Basil, Chives, Parsley, Lemon Grass, Rosemary Many herbs do well indoors. For annuals and biennials, like basil and parsley, it is best to start with a small, young plant.

Which flower is very popular in home garden?

Daisy . Daisy is easily found around the planet, and people also call it the cousin of the sunflower. Their beauty makes them a favorite pick as a home garden flower. Daisies make for the most popular garden flowers because they are so pleasant to look at.

Rose . The rose is considered to be not only the most popular flower in Britain, but throughout the world.

Bamboo is one of the most famous plants gathered around the world.